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Checklist for zero waste challenge

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We see so many trends on social media, from fun and colourful makeup trends to sassy outfit trends; they are all really fun to look at. However, some trends that circulate will help us choose a better lifestyle. One such lifestyle trend that is good for both us and the environment is the zero waste challenge. In this article, we will give you a Checklist for zero waste challenge to help you get on board with this exciting challenge.

Before we give you the checklist, let us explain what a zero-waste lifestyle is all about. As the name suggests, you have to try and adopt a lifestyle where you do not make any non-perishable waste. Many families nowadays follow a zero-waste lifestyle in order to bring in a positive effect on the environment by hiring a regular flat clearance service. These families switch to using products that come with minimal packaging, and they choose to buys from the local vendors to buys produce that does not come packaged in plastic and other harmful materials.

Have a Compost Pit

These families also have a compost pit in which they collect all their decomposable waste and let them turn into useful manure. The waste from the compost bin decomposes and makes fertilisers that can then be used to grow their own organic produce free of all chemicals and other harmful substances. Now that you are familiar with what the zero waste lifestyle is. Let us give a checklist that will help you get through this challenge. This challenge often happens over a span of 31 days. For this challenge, people usually follow a checklist and try to check off everything at the end of the 30th day.

Checklist for zero waste challenge

Zero Waste Challenge

Day 1: Collect your non-decomposable waste.

Day 2: Start meal planning.

Day 3: Visit a local zero-waste shop and start bulk shopping.

Day 4: Choose alternatives like a bamboo brush instead of the normal one.

Day 5: Stop buying bottled water.

Day 6: Replace your paper towels with reusable towels.

Day 7: Stop buying pre-packaged snacks.

Day 8: Join a local zero-waste community.

Day 9: Make your own washing detergents and soaps.

Day 10: Reward yourself with a homemade snack in your living room.

Day 11: Do a trash audit.

Day 12: Build your own zero-waste travel kit.

Day 13: Start building a community of zero waste members or people with a shared interest.

Day 14: Start saying no to unsustainable wrapping paper.

Day 15: Reuse the water from your kitchen for plants.

Day 17: Say no to gifts and items that are wasteful.

Day 18: Try to adopt a minimalistic lifestyle.

Day 19: Reflect for 15 minutes about your day.

Day 20: Go thrift shopping to find out more fashionable options.

Day 21: Bring home leftovers.

Day 22: Research and read more about Zero waste living.

Day 23: Start building a compost pit.

Day 24: Keep a plant at your desk for improved air quality.

Day 25: Print on both sides to avoid wastage.

Day 26: Consume as little energy as possible.

Day 27: Delete all the unnecessary emails.

Day 28: Use public transport.

Day 29: Shut down your computer when not in use.

Day 30: Carry your own bag to shops.

Day 31: Throw a zero-waste party.

All the best on following this Checklist for zero waste challenge! We are sure you will be able to make it to the last day.