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Increase Image Quality in Snapseed after Cropping

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Increase Image Quality in Snapseed after Cropping

Undoubtedly, Snapseed for windows is the best photo editing application available today.   It is a straightforward tool that makes photo editing look easy and gives a professional result.  So, if you have to provide photos electronically in JPG file format, there is no need to worry.  Snapseed is one such program that helps in this matter. Suppose you want to share pictures with friends and family. In that case, a little editing is advisable so that ordinary photos can look like masterpieces.

For example, you want to crop out your image’s edges to focus on the photo’s center.  Also, some space or other distracting elements can be easily cropped out by using Snapseed.   Cropping, therefore, helps change the composition of your image so that the main subject stands out. It would help if you were a little careful using the cropping option tool in Snapseed because there is one disadvantage when Snapseed is used.  It saves the edited photos in a lower quality.  There is no need for disappointment as this can be rectified by changing some settings.  Firstly,

Increase Image Quality in Snapseed after Cropping

There is an option in Snapseed to set the JPG image quality to 100% and select compression-free file formats.  You do not have to wait till you finish all the editing.  In between the editing process, you can change the settings.  Important is, of course, to change the settings before exporting or sharing the photos.  There are three dots on the top right of the screen.  Click on it and go to settings.  From the settings, go to ‘Format and Quality.’   Here,  the option to select the JPG compression rate and even the file format PNG is available.   If you want the highest quality, then choose JPG 100%.  This, however, will still involve some minute amount of compression. PNG, on the other hand, takes up a lot of space but provides a lossless image.  PNG will ensure your photo is exported in the highest quality possible. The JPG test photo with a compression of 95% was 3.51 MB when exported to state it in figures, but the PNG photo was 18.2 MB.

So, if space is a problem, then go with JPG 100%.  But if you want your photo with no compression and space is no problem, then save it in PNG format.  The difference in quality between both formats is almost negligible.  This way, you can increase image quality in Snapseed after cropping.

Increase Image Quality in Snapseed after Cropping

Another essential point to increase the image quality in Snapseed while cropping is to select a ratio format.  From the Tools tab, select the Crop tool option.  At the bottom of the screen,  other options are provided.  Click on the second icon from the right to choose the ratio. Immediately a pop-up window opens with a wide range of ratios.  You can continue swiping from left to right till you come across your preferred ratio.  But the best is, of course, to go for the square 1:1 ratio. 

Snapseed offers many fixed aspect ratios when compared with other similar apps.  Another good thing is that the crop tool has a grid view feature to position the subject using the thirds rule.  To save the image after you finish editing, it is recommended to keep a copy using the Export option.  This action will save the photo with all editing intact.


  • When editing, it is easy to go overboard.  So please know when to stop.  Overediting a photo will not mask the flaws. So, use edits wisely only to enhance the image reasonably.  Most of the pictures need a little bit of retouching.  To adjust the parameters.  This can be done by going to the Tools section and then to the Tune Image feature.  
  • Instead of applying changes to the full image, it is best to enhance only a part of the picture.  For such actions, go to the Tools section, then go to the Selective option.   You will get a small circle placed on the image.  Move the circle to the place that you want to change or edit. The brush tool is also helpful in this regard.
  • Another great option is the ‘Healing’ tool.  By using this, you can remove the unwanted objects that are captured in your photo.
  • To create some impressive photos, you can also use the Double Exposure tool in Snapseed.  Using this, you can superimpose an image over another and then edit them all together to create one amazing photo.


Snapseed saves the photo at 95% of the quality.  So, there is not much difference.  However, suppose you are very particular about increasing the image quality after cropping in Snapseed, in that case, you can simply follow the steps detailed above.

Snapseed is a powerful photo editing tool wherein you can save a lot of time spent in editing, and all edits are saved in one place.  So, take your time and learn all the aspects of photo editing and cropping provided by Snapseed.  By learning about all the tools that Snapseed offers, you will be able to enhance the image quality while cropping. Then you will be like a pro even when you click photos from your mobile device—happy cropping and editing.